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Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion
Sikorsky CH-53K (Prototype EDM-1) King Stallion
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Prototype first flight
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Forum Proceedings related to the CH-53K

Balancing CH-53K Handling Qualities and Stability Margin Requirements in the Presence of Heavy External Loads
Cheng, R.; Faynberg, Alexander; Lavin, Mike; Pozdin, Maksym; Sahasrabudhe, Vineet; Stumm, Al; Tischler, Mark


Baseline Configuration of the CH-53K Drive System
Yuriy Gmirya, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation; Matthew Alulis, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation; Peter Palcic, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation; Leslie Leigh, NAVAIRSYSCOM HQ


CH-53K Control Law Risk Reduction Flight Testing on the Rascal JUH-60A In-Flight Simulator
Aaron Greenfield, Stephen Kubik, Alex Faynberg, Jonathan Litwin, Steven Marzella, Vineet Sahasrabudhe, John Rucci, Christian Corry and Steve McCulley, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.; Ed Pavelka, Matthew Rhinehart and Sean Roark, NAVAIR and Jay Fletcher and Carl Ott, US Army RDECOM


CH-53K Control Laws: An Overview and Some Analytical Results
Engel, David; Faynberg, Alexander; Kubik, Stephen; Renfrow, Joseph; Sahasrabudhe, Vineet; Tonello, Oscar; Xin, Hong


CH-53K Control Laws: Improved Safety and Performance in the Degraded Visual Environment

David Engel, Chris Cofelice, Naval Air Welfare Center
Steven Spoldi, Alex Faynberg, Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Company


CH-53K Control Laws: Risk Reduction Flight Testing
Vineet Sahasrabudhe, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.; James Pritchard, NAVAIR; Arthur Gubbels, National Research Council of Canada; Alexander Faynberg, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.; Stephen Kubik, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.; Oscar Tonello, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.


CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopter - A Survivability Focused Design
Kathy Russell, NAVAIR; Nick Gerstner, SURVICE Engineering; Martin Krammer, NAVAIR; Richard Gardner, NAVAIR


CH-53K Maneuvering Envelope Expansion Challenges

John Rucci, Rob Pupalaikis, Glen Knaust, Sean Maloney, Alex Faynberg, Don Ream, Steven Spoldi, Rich Lamb, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Laura Slingerland, Kenneth Cahill, NAVAIR


CH-53K Scale Model Aerodynamic Evaluation
Bagai, Ashish; Cantono, Jeffrey; Kohlhepp, Fred; Lorber, Peter; Moffitt, Robert; O'Neill, John; Woods, Steven


CH-53K® Supplemental Engine Feed System

Christopher Foti, Daniel Shields, Robert Morrissette, Esther Lee, Lockheed Martin Sikorsky
Robert Eby, NAVAIR


Contact Pattern Development of the CH-53K MGB with Split-Path Gear-Train

Shulin He, Yryiy Gmiyra, Chris Pierce, Sikorsky a Lockheed Martin Company


Full-Aircraft CH-53K® Hover Simulations with Helios

Vera Klimchenko, Byung-Young Min, Jinggen Zhao, Brian E. Wake, Jeewoong Kim, Sikorsky A Lockheed Martin Company


H-53 Heavy Lift Helicopters USMC CH-53K Program
Lt. Col. Bert Pridgen, USMC


Load Sharing Test of the CH-53K Split Torque Main Gearbox
Buzel, Gregory; Gmirya, Yuriy; He, Shulin; Leigh, Leslie


The Road to First Flight: Development of the CH-53K Drive System
Peter X. Palcic, Shulin He, Yuriy Gmirya, Sikorsky Aircraft



Trade Study On Different Design Configurations Of The CH-53K Main Gearbox
Shulin He, Yuiry Gmirya, Frank Mowka, Sikorsky Aircraft Transmissions Systems Engineering; Leslie Leigh, NAVAIR Propulsion and Power Department



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