A medium heavy helicopter developed through an internalional consortium of European countries formed through NH Industries




Design Authority
Company NHIndustries
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Forum Proceedings related to the NH90

Advanced Technologies for High Performance NH90 Blades
Claude, Quillien; Rauch, Patrice


DUET - a Modern MMI Design and Software Generation Tool for the NH90 Avionics
J?rg Otte, Eurocopter Deutschland; Horst G?lzenleuchter, Eurocopter Deutschland


Flight Test Results NH90 NFH Helicopter-Ship Qualification Process
Alrik Hoencamp, Royal Netherlands Navy and Marilena Pavel, Delft University of Technology


Flight Trials with the Mission Flight Aids of NH90 TTH
Boehm, Hans-Dieter V.; Frank, J.; Ehrenwinkler, R.


Initial Flight Test Results NH90 NFH Helicopter-Ship Qualification Process
Lieutenant Alrik Hoencamp MSc (RNLN), Netherlands Defense Academy (NLDA)


Lessons Learned from Different NH90 NFH Ship Helicopter Operational Limitation Test Campaigns
Alrik Hoencamp, Royal Netherlands Navy


Lessons Learned from NH90 NFH Helicopter-Ship Qualification Testing across the Entire Dutch Fleet
Alrik Hoencamp, Royal Netherlands Navy


NH90 Automatic Folding System
Jean-Luc Leman, Eurocopter; Charles Louis, Eurocopter; Jean Mondet, Eurocopter


NH90 NFH Helicopter Ship Qualification across the Complete Dutch Fleet
Alrik Hoencamp


Overview Of The NH90 Wind Tunnel Test Activities And The Benefits To The Helicopter Development
Christophe Hermans and Joost Hakkaart, NLR; Giuseppina Panosetti and Gaetano Preatoni, Agusta; Volker Mikulla, Eurocopter; Francis Chery and Christophe Serr, Eurocopter


Tailoring of ADS-33 for the NH90 Program
Philippe Benquet, NAHEMA; Heinz-Jurgen Pausder, DLR; Philippe Rollet, Eurocopter France; Volker Gollnick, WTD 61


The Key Facts of Establishing NH90 NFH Shipboard Operational Limitations
Lieutenant Alrik Hoencamp, Netherlands Defense Academy; Marilena D. Pavel, Delft University of Technology; Douwe Stapersma, Netherlands Defense Academy



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