Design Authority
Company AgustaWestland N.V.
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Family Tree
*No Variant assigned
AgustaWestland AW139
AgustaWestland HH-139A
AgustaWestland UH-139C
Type History
Prototype first flight  
Production first flight  
First entered service  



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Forum Proceedings related to the AW139

AW139 Full Ice Protection System Flight Testing with US Army Helicopter Icing Spray System
Enrico Bellussi, Agusta Westland; Lynn Hanks, Flight Test Directorate


AW139 Ship Interface: Experimental Trials And Simulations
Riccardo Bianco Mengotti, Antonio la Barbera, Andrea Ragazzi, Giuseppe lo Coco and Federico del Grande, AgustaWestland


The 035 Main GearBox: The Strong, Light, Reliable and Silent Heart of the AW139 Helicopter
Gasparini, Giuseppe; Motta, Nicoletta; Straulino, Gabriele



Vertiflite articles featuring the AW139

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