Bo 105




Design Authority
Company Messerschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm GmbH
Company products Products or services
Company contacts Contact MBB
Family Tree
*No Variant assigned
Type History
Prototype first flight 16 February 1967
Production first flight
First entered service 1970

Bo 105


Bo 105

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Bo 105LS A1
Bo 105LS A3
Bo 105LS A3 Superlifter
Bo 105P/PAH-1

Bo 105

Forum Proceedings related to the Bo 105

Computation of the BVI Noise for the BO 105 Model Rotor in Forward Flight and Comparison with Wind-Tunnel Tests
M. Schaffar, J. Haertig and P. Gnemmi, Institut Franco-Allemand de Recherches de Saint-Louis


Development And Test Of The BO 105 Rigid Rotor Helicopter
Emil F. Weiland


Frequency Domain Identification of BO 105 Derivative Models with Rotor Degrees of Freedom
K.H. Fu and J. Kaletka, DLR, Institut fur Flugmechanik


Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Blade Tip Vortices of a BO 105 using a Multi-camera BOS System
Andre Bauknecht, Benjamin Ewers, Christian Wolf and Markus Raffel, German Aerospace Center (DLR); Friedrich Leopold, French-German Research Institute of Saint Louis


Unsteady Panel Method Calculation of Pressure Distribution on BO 105 Model Rotor Blades and Validation with DNW-Test Data
Syed R. Ahmed, Vembra T. Vidjaja, DLR Institute of Design Aerodynamics, Braunschweig



Vertiflite articles featuring the Bo 105

Vertiflite, November/December 1991

Modernization Programs for the German Army BO 105 - Kuckien, Wilfried (MBB); Halamek, Walter