Model 360



Design Authority
Company Hiller Aircraft Corporation
Company products Products or services
Company contacts Contact Hiller
Family Tree
*No Variant assigned
Hiller HTE-1
Hiller Model 360
H-23 US Army Variants
Hiller H-23A Raven
Type History
Prototype first flight
Production first flight
First entered service

Model 360


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Model 360

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Model 360 Rotor Test at DNW - Review of Performance and Blade Airload Data
Leo Dadone, Boeing Vertol Company; Seth Dawson, Donald Boxwell, Ames Research Center; Don Ekquist, Boeing Vertol Company



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Vertiflite, January/February 1988

The Boeing Helicopter Model 360 Advanced Technology Helicopter - Grinal, Ken (Boeing Helicopter Co. (Retired))