AH-64 Apache





Design Authority
Company The Boeing Company
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Company contacts Contact Boeing
Family Tree
*No Variant assigned
Boeing AH-64A Apache
Boeing AH-64D Apache
Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian
Boeing WAH-64D Apache
Hughes YAH-64/Model 77
Type History
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Production first flight  
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AH-64 Apache


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AH-64 Apache

Forum Proceedings related to the AH-64 Apache

AH-64 Apache DVE Mission Workload and Handling Qualities Simulation Study
Gary Klein, John Krainski, Kendra Befort, Russell Enns


AH-64 Apache DVE Mission Workload and Handling Qualities Simulation Study (brief)
Gary Klein, John Krainski, Kendra Befort, Russell Enns


AH-64 Apache Modernization
Robert Johnston, US Army


AH-64 Apache Tail Gearbox Vibration Monitoring Condition Indicators and Threshold Settings
Perumal Shanthakumaran, Louis J. Silverthorn, The Boeing Company


AH-64 Apache: Army Flight Test Update
Major Allen L. Peterson, Major Patrick J. Oarman, and Major Daniel G. Wolfe, U.S. Army Aviation Technical Test Center


Boeing AH-64 Apache Lubrication System Cooling Development
Roy A. Bergman and Chuong Le, The Boeing Company


Design, Fabrication, Testing of New Affordable Main Rotor Blade for the AH-64 Apache Helicopter
Jouin, Pierre; Loftus, Robert; Llanos, Antoni


Development and Validation of a Comprehensive Real Time AH-64 Apache Simulation Model
S.H. Sturisky, W.D. Lewis, D.P. Schrage, and J.V.R. Prasad, Georgia Institute of Technology


Development of Advanced Flight Control Laws for the AH-64 Apache Helicopter - Sketches from the work of TU Delft-Boeing Project in SIMONA Simulator
Marilena Pavel, Delft University of Technology; Olaf Stroosma and Qiping Chu, Delft University; Perumal Shanthakumaran and Mike Wolfe, Boeing Mesa; Harm Cazemier, Royal Netherlands Air Force


Experimental Determination of AH-64 Apache Tailshaft Hanger Bearing Vibration Characteristics with Seeded Faults
Decker, Harry; Dykas, Brian; Krantz, Timothy; Lewicki, David


Integration of the RTM322 Into the WAH-64 Apache: A Model for Future Re-Engining
Volk, G.


Manned/Unmanned Teaming - New Synergy Between AH-64 Apaches and Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Bailey, Dan


Pilot Attitudes on Glass and Traditional Cockpits in the U.S. Army's AH-64 Apache Helicopter
Adam, G.; Francis, G.; LeDuc, P.; Rash, C.


Rapid Deployment Initiative for the AH-64 Apache Longbow Helicopter
Veselovsky, J.


Redesign of the AH-64 Apache Composite Main Rotor Blade Attachment Fittings to Provide a Field Repair Capability
Len Reid, Fatigue Technology and Robert Loftus, The Boeing Company


RTM322 Engine/WAH-64 Apache Helicopter Propulsion Installation Performance Characterization With Cold Flow Testing
Nathan G. Adams, McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems


Technology Advances in the AH-64 APACHE Advanced Attack Helicopter
K.B. Amer & R.W. Prouty, Hughes Helicopters, Inc


Usage Based Fatigue Damage Calculation for AH-64 Apache Dynamic Components
Larchuk, Terry; Shanthakumaran, Perumal


Validation of a Flight Simulation Model of the AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter Against Flight Test Data
J.W. Harding and S.M. Bass, McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co.


WAH-64 Apache HUMS Phase-1 Implementation
Cameron, B. G.; Shanthakumaran, P.



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