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Bell 412EP
Bell 412EPI
Bell Griffin HT.1
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Bell 412


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Bell 412

Forum Proceedings related to the Bell 412

A Preliminary Investigation of the Handling Qualities of the Bell 412 HP Helicopter During Flight Using Night Vision Goggles
Stewart W. Baillie, J. Murray Morgan, Research National Research Council Canada


Bell 412 JAR-OPS3 Approval Through Simulation and Limited Flight Testing
Corso, Lawrence; Gardos, Andrew; Morgan, Lynn; Regnier, Bradley; Schillings, John


Bell 412 Modeling and Model Fidelity Assessment for Level-D Training Simulators

Vincent Myrand-Lapierre, Michel Nadeau-Beaulieu, CAE Global Engineering
Mark B. Tischler, US Army CCDC AvMC
Marilena D. Pavel, Olaf Stroosma, Delft University of Technology
Bill Gubbels, NRC Canada
Mark White, The University of Liverpool


Bell 412 System Identification and Model Fidelity Assessment for Hover and Forward Flight
Susanne Seher-Weiss, Pavle Scepanovic, DLR Institute of Flight Systems; Mark B. Tischler, ADD, CCDC Aviation & Missile Center; Arthur Gubbels, NRC, Flight Research Laboratory


Bell 412 System Identification: Comparing Methods and Tools

Susanne Seher-WeiƟ, Steffen Greiser, Johannes Wartmann, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Vincent Myrand-Lapierre, CAE
Arthur Gubbels, Joseph Ricciardi, Kenneth Hui, National Research Council Canada


Bell 412EPI Engine and Glass Cockpit Upgrade
John Schillings, Erik Oltheten, Jeff Greenwood, BJ Thomas, Hans Runge and Dale Sowers, Bell Helicopter


Certification Flight Testing of the Bell 412EPI Increased Gross Weight Helicopter
John Schillings, Pat Lindauer, Jason Grogran, Hans Runge and Jeff Newman, Bell Helicopter Textron


Development of a Dual-Mode Remote Sensor Test-Bed: Integration of the Joint Multi-Mission Electro-Optic System (JMMES) and Multi-Mode Magnetometer Detection System (3MDS) Sensors into the NRC Fly-By-Wire Bell 412 Advanced Systems Research Aircraft (ASRA)
Marc Alexander, Robert Erdos, National Research Council of Canada, Flight Research Laboratory; Brad Nelson, Georges Fournier, Defense Research and Development Canada

In 2010 the National Research Council of Canada Flight Research Laboratory (NRC-FRL) completed prototype development and flight test qualification of a remote sensor helicopter platform for Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC). Based on the NRC Fly-By-Wire (FBW) Bell 412 ASRA, the aircraft is capable of concurrent carriage of the Generation III JMMES (MX-15D electro-optic (EO) camera turret and computing payload) and 3MDS (tow-body sensor and computing payload) sensors. Anticipated air-vehicle applications for these remote sensors include manned and unmanned, fixed and rotary-wing military assets. Sensor airworthiness qualification indicated no adverse flight or structural dynamics, stable towbody flight dynamics, and no adverse aircraft EMI/EMC characteristics. Sensor functional testing revealed normal 3MDS magnetic noise signatures and MX-15D EO operations. Man-machine interface and human factors engineering (pilot switching, egress) issues were highlighted for improvement. The current flight clearance allows an operational envelope for EO operations to the aircraft velocity-never-exceed (VNE) airspeed of 140 knots. 3MDS tow-body operations are cleared to the aircraft 80 knot slung load airspeed limit. Clearance limitations include a three-member crew, day Visual Flight Rules (VFR) cueing, and FBW systems disabled operations. Over water operations as well as laser operations outside of Canada are currently prohibited. Future enhancements following correction of identified issues include flight envelope expansion as well as development of the capability to interface JMMES and 3MDS with the aircraft FBW flight control system.


Development of a Rotor State Measurement System for the NRC Bell 412 Advanced Systems Research Aircraft
M. Alexander, Ryerson University; A.W. Gubbels, J. Dillon, National Research Council of Canada


Health Monitoring Survey of Bell 412EP Transmissions
Brian Tucker, Bell Helicopter

Paula Dempsey, NASA Glenn Research Center


Honeywell Aspire-Series Satellite Communication System Validation on the NRC Bell 412 Advanced System Research Aircraft

Marc Alexander, National Research Council of Canada
Erik Tolonen, Honeywell Aerospace Limited


Landing Phase Analysis of the NRC Bell 412 Advanced Systems Research Aircraft in Supervised Autonomous Flight Systems Configuration

Marc Alexander, Greg Craig, Iryna Borshchova, Derek Gowanlock, Arthur Gubbels, Eris Ellis, Awantha Jayasiri, Tomas Naprstek, Bryan Carrothers, Sion Jennings, Perry Comeau, National Research Council of Canada - Flight Research Laboratory


The NRC Bell 412 Advanced Systems Research Aircraft - Facility Description and Results of Initial In-Flight Evaluation
Gubbels, A.; Carignan, Stephan J.R.P.; Ellis, D. Kris



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