Design Authority
Company Lockheed Aircraft Corporation
Company products Products or services
Company contacts Contact Lockheed
Family Tree
*No Variant assigned
Lockheed XV-4A Hummingbird
Lockheed XV-4B Hummingbird
Type History
Prototype first flight
Production first flight
First entered service



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Forum Proceedings related to the XV-4

Design and Development of the Stability Augmentation System for the Lockheed/Army XV-4A
Erwin A. Naumann, and Herman Schmier, Bendix Corp., Eclipse Pioneer Div.



Vertiflite articles featuring the XV-4

Vertiflite, November 1968

The XV-4B Hummingbird II - Wolstenholme, Neil (Lockheed-Georgia Co.)


Vertiflite, October 1968

XV-4B Hummingbird II Makes First Complete Flight by Electrical Impulses