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S-76A Utility
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H-76 Eagle
S-76 Shadow


Forum Proceedings related to the S-76

A Computer Programme for the Certification of Helicopter Vertical Take-Off and Landing Operations and an Application to the S-76B Helicopter
H.J.G.C. Vodegel and J.M.G.F. Stevens, National Aerospace Laboratory


Acoustic Flight Test Results For The Sikorsky S-76 Quiet Tail Rotor At Reduced Tip Speed
Eric W. Jacobs, John Mancini, Joseph A. Visintainer, and Tracy A. Jackson, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation


Acoustic Flight Testing of A Beoing MD Explorer and A Sikorsky S-76B Using A Large Area Microphone Array
Eric W. Jacobs; James M. O' Connell; David A. Conner; Charles K. Rutledge; Mark R. Wilson; Fred Shigemoto; Robert T. N. Chen; Gregory G. Fleming


Adaptation Of A Modern Medium Helicopter (Sikorsky S-76) To Higher Harmonic Control
James J. O'Leary, Dr. Sesi B.R. Kottapalli, United Technologies Corporation; Mark Davis, United Technologies Research Center


Aerodynamic Design of the Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter
Fradenburgh, Evan A., Sikorsky Aircraft


Airframe Design of the S-76 Helicopter
W. Whiteside and J.D. Ray


Development and Qualification of the S-76C+ Helicopter with 30-Second/2-Minute OEI Power Ratings
Jeffrey L. Cole, Sr., Charles W. Evans, Charles E. Greenberg, Karl W. Saal, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation


Evaluation of Composite Components on the Bell 206L And Sikorsky S-76 Helicopters
Donald J. Baker, Aerostructures Directorate, NASA Langley Research Center


FAA Approved S-76A In-Flight Power Assurance and Trending Procedure
John M. Kowalonek, Richard S. Barnard, United Technologies Corporation


Flight Service Evaluation Of Composite Components On Bell 206L And Sikorsky S-76 Helicopters
Donald J. Baker, AVRADCOM


Flight Test of Active Gear-Mesh Noise Control on the S-76 Aircraft
Thomas A. Millott, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation; William A. Welsh, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation; Charles A. Yoerkie Jr., Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation; Douglas G. MacMartin, United Technologies Research Center, Mark W. Davis; United Technologies Research Center


Flight Testing of the Chandler Evans Adaptive Fuel Control On The S-76A Helicopter
D.H. Sweet, Sikorsky Aircraft Division, UTC


Flight Tests of an Open Loop Higher Harmonic Control System on an S-76A Helicopter
D.M. Walsh, Sikorsky Aircraft Division, UTC


GenHel S-76C Model Correlation using Flight Test Identified Models
Ivler, Christina; Quiding, Chris; Tischler, Mark


Higher Performance and Low Noise Characteristics of the Sikorsky S-76D Helicopter
Eric Jacobs and Michael Pollack, Sikorsky Aircraft


HUMS for Credit - The Bristow S-76C MGB LTF Initiative


Linearization of the GenHel S-76D Model with Engine and Fuel Control Models
Quiding, Chris


Mission Effectiveness Testing of an Adaptive Electronic Fuel Control on an S-76A
D.M. Walsh, Sikorsky Aircraft Division, UTC


Operation And Test Of Composite Horizontal Stabilizer For The S-76 Helicopter

J.D. Ray, Sikorsky Aircraft Div, UTC


S-76 Helicopter Handling Qualities Design And Development

G.P. Wright & N.D. Lappos, Sikorsky Aircraft Div., UTC


S-76B/PT6B-36B Engine Acceleration Schedule Development
David H. Sweet, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.


Sikorsky S-76 Analysis, Design, and Development for Successful Dynamic Characteristics
Niebanck, C., United Technologies Corporation; Girvan, W., United Technologies Corporation


Stability of the Sikorsky S-76 Bearingless Main Rotor
James M. Wang, James Duh, Jon-Shen Fuh, Sikorsky Aircraft Div, UTC; Sesi Kottapalli, NASA Ames Research Center


Stage 2 Noise Certification of the Sikorsky S-76A and S-76C Helicopters
E.W. Jacobs, R.D. Prillwitz, J.R. Johnson and C.A. Yoerkie Jr., Sikorsky Aircraft


Transmission Oil Distribution and Thermal Behavior in Sikorsky S-76 Tail Rotor Gearbox
Warren Tauber, CD-Adapco; Bruce Hansen, Sikosrsky Aircraft; Bob Reynolds, CD-Adapco



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