Dmitry D. Viner

United States of America


1908 - 1997

Born in 1908, in Kiev, Russia, Dmitry D. (Jimmy) Viner and his family emigrated to the U.S. in 1923. That same year, Viner joined Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation, which had recently been founded by his uncle, Igor I. Sikorsky. He was Sikorsky's 15th (and, at that time, the youngest) employee.

During a career spanning 44 years, Viner set a number of "firsts" including the first flights of the S-51, the S-55 and the S-58. He also piloted the first helicopter civilian rescue, in 1945, of two crewmen from an oil barge off Penfield Reef, in Fairfield, during a storm. Viner established the first helicopter mail service in New York City, and set a helicopter world speed record of 115 MPH in 1946. The Society recognized his outstanding services to AHS in 1953, when he was designated an AHS Honorary Fellow.

Helicopter pioneer Dmitry D. (Jimmy) Viner passed away in June 1997, at a Bridgeport hospital.

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Milestones associated with Dmitry D. Viner
November 29, 1945 First aerial rescue using a rescue hoist (Sikorsky YR-5A)
February 16, 1946 First flight of the prototype of the Sikorsky S-51 Type series
February 9, 1947 First helicopter naval rescue
November 10, 1949 First flight of the prototype (YH-19) of the Sikorsky S-55/H-19 type series
December 18, 1953 First flight of the prototype (XHR2S-1) of the S-56/H-37 Type series
March 8, 1954 First flight of the Sikorsky S-58/H-34 Type