William Carlisle Walton, Jr.

United States of America


1931 - 2008

William Carlisle “Bill” Walton, Jr. was the manager of the DAMVIBS Program at NASA Langley. DAMVIBS was a NASA-sponsored research program focused on improving the application of airframe NASTRAN techniques for vibration analysis, control and reduction within the helicopter industry. As such, he worked closely with structural engineers at Bell, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Sikorsky Aircraft. During his career, he applied his analytical mind to calming vibrations in vehicles as varied as the Apollo Lunar Landing Vehicle, the Mars Viking Lander, the NASA/Army Rotor Systems Research Aircraft, and the Space Shuttle. After retiring from NASA, he consulted for Dynamic Engineering of Newport News on the large rotor test rig built for the NASA Ames 40 by 80 Foot Wind Tunnel.

Mr. Walton passed away at his Hampton, Virginia home on February 11, 2008. He was 77.