Anton Flettner




Anton Flettner was an aviation engineer and inventor born in Edderseim, Germany. Flettner made important contributions to the airplane, helicopter, vessel, and automobile designs.

During World War II, Anton Flettner headed Flettner Flugzeubau GmbH, which specialized in reconnaissance helicopters for the German Luftwaffe (Air Force). Flettner's helicopter inventions were financed via wealth acquired from his ventilator business.

After serving Germany in both World Wars, Anton Flettner emigrated to the United States post World War II and worked as a consultant to the office of Naval Research at the United States Navy.



Milestones associated with Anton Flettner
December 31, 1936 First flight of the first compound helicopter (Flettner Fl 185)
October 30, 1941 First flight of the world's first production helicopter (Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri)
December 29, 1961 Anton Flettner dies