First flight of the NASA/Army/Bell XV-15 TRRA tilt rotor

Tuesday, May 3, 1977 - Bell facility, Fort Worth, TX, United States of America



The XV-15 Tilt Rotor Research Aircraft (TRRA) was a joint NASA/U.S. Army/Bell Helicopter program to demonstrate the benefits of the tilt rotor concept. Pilots for the first flight were Ron Erhart and Dorman Cannon.  The first flight was conducted by Ship 1 (N702NA). Only two aircraft were built (Ship 1 - N702NA and Ship 2 - N703NA). The XV-15 TRRA program ran for 26 years.

The aircraft was also known by the company designation Bell 301.

See AHS Calendar May 2012 for more details.

Source: 'XV-15 Makes First Hover Flight', Aviation Week & Space Technology, May 9, 1977, Page 15


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