First flight of the winged Boeing-Vertol Model 347

Wednesday, May 27, 1970 - Boeing Vertol Division's Center 3 Flight Test Facility, United States of America



First flight of the winged Model 347, built to test technologies for the XCH-62 Heavy Lift Helicopter (HLH) program. The Boeing Vertol BV-347 demonstrator was a highly modified CH-47A (65-07992) with a 110-inch (280 cm) fuselage stretch; a four-bladed, longer-diameter rotor; a higher rear pylon; a very large, hydraulically-controlled, variable angle of incidence wing that was removable; a retractable, load-controlling crewman’s gondola; and an advanced control system that eventually proved out fly-by-wire flight controls.

Source: "Flight-Test Report on the Heavy-Lift Helicopter Flight-Control System," A. J. Hutto, Boeing Vertol Company, Forum 31, May 1975. 


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Boeing-Vertol Model 347